Who is this site about?

This site, max-polyakov.xyz, is created to keep the readers informed about the activity of Maxim Polyakov, aka Max Polyakov. He is well-known net entrepreneur and founder of dozen mainly Internet-based companies. His interests are stretched as wide as adult entertainment to space exploration. His business practices are bold and not always, to say at least, in line with common practice and accepted ethics: a possible tribute to his Ukrainian background.

Max Polyakov is definitely an interesting person. Information on him is scattered and often biased and obscure. We are determined to fill this gap while maintaining as much balance as possible. We will not hesitate to cover the most controversial topics.

Renatus Media, Cupid, Noosphere and Noosphere ventures, Murka and EOS Data Analytics – and a lot of less visible companies are a the base camp of his assets. They will take center stage in our narration. Max Polyakov relation with his former business partners is perhaps the most interesting part of it.