Maxim Crippa as a bleak shadow of Max Polyakov

A little-known would-be oligarch Maxim Crippa and his boss Max Polyakov have decided to move their illegal online business to politics. So, Crippa is actively implementing the trick “roulette with double zero” in his own party “Samopomich”…

Modern Ukrainian situation has amazing feature: for the first time the existence of the country we are living in is not in a state of permanent elections. This fact is so surprising that some comrades do not believe in it and decided to agree with the Deputy from “Samopomich” and our unforgettable partner Max Polyakov Maxim Krippa about buying seats in the party list of the party “Samopopmich” in the “next” parliament. Although it is clear that the elections will be postponed.

It is known that “Samopomich” has been informed about the incident and ascertain the degree of reliability of the information. The source said that:

…we were surprised to learn that Maxim Crippa selling seats at the next election on behalf of the Association “Samopomich”. Most striking in this story is the fact of a complete lack of adequacy from people who have managed to pay “dues” for being in the list for the next parliamentary election campaign, which no one was announced. After the party was contacted by representatives of law enforcement, we unsuccessfully try to contact a former member of our political force M. Krippa.

Maxim Crippa is out of touch. His whereabouts are unknown. Maxim Crippy was person of interest in criminal cases, but one of them closed and the second he is not listed as a suspect. One way or another they both Maxim Crippa and Max Polyakov are connected with gambling. It is prohibited in Ukraine since 2009. It is known that he owned a software developer for gambling and vending machines and sold it to Russian businessman Konstantin Malofeev, closely associated with the Kremlin.

It is known that Maxim Crippa is not independent in this business. He is in dependence of the founder of Noosphere ventures, an American and a British citizen Max Polyakov. Max Polyakov has significant interests in the development and deployment of legal and illegal online casinos, dating sites, and other similar initiatives.

For the victims of Crippa Maxim Vladimirovich and his partner Max Polyakov — please contact directly to the Association “Samopomich” [email protected] (phone 0 800 21 01 01).

This article is also available in Russian.


Author: mpoleng

One day I woke up and decided: I'll be the best fan of Maxim Polykov ever. Moreover, I will became his impersonator, his second identity. I knew that it is hard task to complete. But I will win, I am definitely sure about it.

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