Maxim Polyakov on photos and videos

Maxim Polykov until the recent times was not exactly the public figure. The Net is lacking his early images. Some of them still present but the quality is inadequate by the modern standards. Here we will collect and annotate his images found on the web.

One of the most known shot of Mr. Polyakov and Mr. Dobbie. It was made on the peak of the dating sites frenzy for The Telegraph. This is undated Maxim Polyakov portrait photo of unknown origin. Maxim Polyakov and former president of Ukraine Kuchma. Taken from Noosphere Twitter account. Bonus. From the same account. Ex-president Kuchma is not exactly robot-friendly guy. Max Polyakov at the press conference with FAI staff. From personal Twitter account of Maxim Polyakov. Max Polyakov and the corpse of unnamed fish. From personal Twitter account of Maxim Polyakov.