General Information on Maxim Polyakov

Max Polykov was born and raised in USSR, Ukraine. Here is curious fact: he graduated the medical university and it seems that it is an only formal higher education he has got. He prefers to title himself Dr. Polyakov, however we have not found his doctorate details. It is currently unknown, if he still holds the Ukrainian citizenship. In Ukraine the double citizenship is prohibited, however this rule is widely ignored by more or less successful citizens. Some cues points that he holds an US citizenship.

Early years in IT business Maxim Polyakov started as usual: by opening a web development outsourcing company in 2000. As soon as four years later he has been relocated to the United Kingdom. There he founded HitDynamics, one of the early players in web analytics market. Polyakov’s attention was drawn to the online dating business. So the EasyDate was (almost) born, but after a copyright issue the final name was changed to Cupid LLC. The head company for the bunch of dating services, opened by Max Polyakov and his British partner Bill Dobbie was named IDE. Just a couple of their projects – and

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