Max Polyakov

Who is Mr. Polyakov?

A custom-ordered attack on businessmen, with whom the businessman of Ukrainian origin Max Polyakov is litigating, led to the dismissal of a major official of the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU). There was information in Ukrainian media that the management of the economic counterintelligence of the SSU, which was headed by Sergei Semochko, was mired…

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Nat Geo terminates partnership with Max Polyakov and his Murka

The National Geographic company no longer intends to cooperate with Max Polyakov’s company Murka and associate with its gaming products. Probable cause is the involvement of a businessman in gambling and adult entertainment business. Nat Geo brand has already disappeared from the companies joint product – slot-type game of “social casino” for smartphones Nat Geo…

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World Air Sports Federation and Max Polyakov’s Noosphere Ventures: flying where?

One of last year’s most mysterious and controversial partnerships in the sports was the memorandum of the World Air Sports Federation (FAI) with Max Polyakov’s Noosphere Ventures. Last year the company managed to fail the once-promising space startup FireFly. The reputation of Noosphere’s owner is also quite doubtful. A better part of his business has…

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